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clients ashcourtWhen Mike Garlick joined Ashcourt Rowan as Group Head of ICT in May 2012 his remit from Jonathan Polin, its Chief Executive, was clear; ensure the firm had an acquisition-ready platform.

lawrence grahamInternational law firm Lawrence Graham LLP has agreed a 3 year IT Managed Service contract with IT Service Provider Plan-Net plc. Plan-Net will provide 24hr IT support to all Lawrence Graham staff across its London, Dubai, Monaco, Moscow and Singapore offices.

migrationDo you remember Roger's bell curve? It asserts that for continuous innovation, the technology adoption life-cycle fits a bell-curve graph where acceptance of a new product or innovation tracks the demographic and psychological characteristics of defined adopter groups.

supplier transitionWhen moving from an in-house provisioned ICT service to an outsource model, organisations may overlook the impact of the supplier transition on service level performance.

decisionsWhich hypervisor is the best? Whether you're joining the virtual party a little bit late or you're going through a refresh of your virtual platform, you might be asking yourself this very question. With all of the various products out there, it can all get overwhelming. So how do you arrive at a decision?